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Thomas Straker - Management & Contact Details

Thomas is a professional Chef who mixes mouth watering dishes with fast pace content for his ever growing online audience of over 4.5 million. He juggles this with his immensely popular butter company, sell out restaurant, cooking show, appearances as well as his very own production company to provide his audience with the best quality content that is always going viral. He manages to achieve all this all with a laid back professional approach.

Tom is massively diverse and has worked with a multitude of brands from hosting Vogue events to collaborations with Honda. Being a great speaker and ability to engage through the camera allows him to appear on cooking shows to millions and then again on his own YouTube channel collaborating on a series with berghaus more recently and many many more.

Tom has managed to attack all angles in his field, something that is a challenge for many and not just in his industry. His TikTok videos go viral regularly, his restaurant has the longest waiting list on RESY and his butter brand is now featured in shops such as Ocado. Its a wonder what more he could do.