Instagram Influencer & Talent Marketing Agency

Here at Connect Management, we are the Instagram marketing agency with a leading track record of extracting that impact for all manner of client organisations.

In our capacity as the largest social-first talent agency, we work closely with Instagram influencers to help bring the very best out of brand campaigns. We are adept at matching the right creators and talent with the most suitable brands, as well as in the development and execution of powerful and relevant Instagram influencer marketing campaigns.


Instagram Influencer Marketing

As a trusted and forward-thinking Instagram influencer agency, we have worked alongside a fair few talents that you may just recognise, including – but not limited to…

  • Sam Ryder, the British Eurovision runner-up who knows a thing or two about the potency of social media marketing, having vaulted to stardom in large part due to his music covers posted on TikTok. Then, along came his song “Space Man” and a certain Song Contest at which he represented the UK, and the rest… well, is history. With his astounding singing voice and loveable personality, he now enjoys and enthrals some 4.5 million Instagram followers.
  • Sophia Grace, the social media star, singer, and actress who has been on a truly remarkable journey since she became an overnight sensation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show – alongside her cousin Rosie – in 2011. That journey has included the sharing of her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content on social media, as well as more recently, her pregnancy and giving birth. With her relatable takes on what it means to be a mum-to-be, Sophia has racked up a well-deserved 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and we are delighted to be working with her.

Instagram Growth Strategy

The approximately 1.3 billion images shared every day on Instagram, tells its own story: that this visually oriented platform continues to constitute a highly effective interface for brands, as long as they make the right decisions with their choice of talent and Instagram content strategy.

These are all aspects that Connect Management can assist your business with, through a growth-minded and collaborative approach. As the fastest-growing Instagram talent agency, with over 150 of the most talented viral creators on our roster, we really are excellently placed to help your brand achieve sustained growth through Instagram.

Instagram Influencers & Talent

If your brand is looking to work with some of the most popular Instagram influencers in the UK to develop campaigns that resonate with target audiences and deliver results, please don’t wait any longer to reach out to Connect.

You are also welcome to click through to discover more of our top talent that have helped to make us such a go-to agency for impactful and tailored influencer marketing on Instagram.