Sophiena - Management & Contact Details

Sophiena is one of the most viral family content creators on TikTok and Instagram with over 2.6M followers, crafting amazing videos alongside her adorable children Dottie and Colby. Sophiena’s “What’s in my lunchbox” content has absolutely blown up, engaging an incredible audience of people who look to see what is packed in the kid’s lunch boxes every day!

As a massive foodie, a lot of Sophiena’s content is based around fun new recipes; in fact, her first-ever viral video was a mac and cheese recipe with carrots.

Sophiena also loves a bit of D.I.Y. and is currently refurbishing her home and documenting the process.

Her infectious joy has sparked brand collaborations with global brands including F and F, Tesco, Pizza Express, Getir, Wilko and Sony.

Sophiena’s recent collaboration with Haden blew their brand awareness goals out of the window! The homeware brand worked alongside her to create 3 TikTok videos, which achieved an impressive 1.55 million views and an engagement rate of 16%, pushing well above the industry standard.

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