Beauty Social Influencer Talent Agency

Finding the right customers for your beauty products is essential to growing your brand and reaching more people. At Connect Management, we work with the biggest UK beauty influencers and others around the world, to help give you the best platform to show off your products and expose your brand to the right potential customers.

If you are looking for TikTok Beauty influencers or YouTube Beauty influencers, then we can help you. We can match you with the right beauty social media influencers, depending on your goals and the style you are seeking. You will then have a ready-made audience where you can showcase your products.

Beauty Influencer & Talent Agency

At Connect Management, we are always looking for the biggest beauty influencers to help our clients reach the right audience for their brand. We work with major brands, such as the skin wellness brand Elemis, to help them grow their social media presence and reach a wider audience with their products.

We are the biggest influencer agency, and this is why we can effectively match social media beauty influencers to the right brands, who can capitalise on the influencer’s fan base to target their demographic. Our best beauty influencers include Sophia Grace and Chloe Rose, and they are accustomed to working with large brands from all over the world.

Our Beauty Influencers

Connect Management has a talent roster that comprises a growing number of influencers in the beauty industry. These creators can be key to unlocking the potential of your beauty brand’s social media campaigns – and by extension, your brand’s wider online marketing efforts.

Sophia Grace is a singer, actress and former child star on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Sophia has a huge following, which includes 9.4 million people across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Chloe Rose is one of the OG creators who started on TikTok when it was still Chloe’s page is dedicated to beauty, fashion, and comedy styled content.


How Using Beauty Influencers Can Benefit Your Business & The Importance

When you are looking to grow your beauty brand and want to use the power of social media, there is no better place to start than by utilising the reach of a beauty influencer.

Unlike what the situation may be when you are trying to reach customers on your brand’s own social media platforms, these Instagram beauty influencers are already followed by huge numbers of people who all love beauty products. This makes working with such influencers a must, as they can send many people to your brand to become potential future customers.

At Connect Management, we always work hard – and smartly – to match the right beauty influencer to the right brand. This is an important step, as you will want your brand to be placed in front of people that your brand’s messages resonate with. Achieving this, in turn, could be instrumental in the ongoing growth of your brand and the development of its online profile.

To learn more about the possibilities for how we could work together, please don’t hesitate to enquire to the Connect Management team today.