Photography Social Influencers

At Connect Management, our status as a leading social-first talent agency helps us bring together all manner of top photography influencers, and to work with them to create partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Our influencers have a collective reach of over 170 million followers around the globe on different social media platforms. This means we can connect leading photography influencers in the UK with brands to help convey the most effective messages to those brands’ target audiences.

If your brand requires a certain look or statement as it looks to develop its online profile, we can connect you to the right influencers. These could include major photographer influencers on Instagram and other platforms, who will be able to create content that fits in well with the values and goals of your brand as it embarks on an influencer marketing campaign.

Talent Agency For Photographer Influencers

Our talent roster includes a number of renowned photography influencers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok that create content seen by millions of people every day.

This means that when you want to get your brand and products in front of more people, you can be assured that the influencers accessible through Connect Management will be able to help you succeed.

We have a track record of working with big brands, such as Sky Stream and Pixar Animation Studios, to help bring influencers and companies together that share common interests and missions.

Our top photography influencers, such as Brandon B and Sam Lewis, have already worked with some of the world’s leading brands. So, they are well-attuned to what brands from across the sectors expect and require, and how to achieve the desired results.

Our Photography & VFX Influencers

Choosing to work with Connect Management on your brand’s upcoming influencer marketing campaign, could also mean having the opportunity to join forces with talents such as:  

Sam Lewis: Sam creates content that has a unique visual tone. He incorporates viral sounds and trends to engage with his audience, who are film enthusiasts. He is used to creating content to tight deadlines and with a quick turnaround.

Brandon B: Brandon B (aka) Brandon Baum is currently the largest VFX artist in the UK, with over three billion views across social platforms last year.

How Using Photo and VFX Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

If you are looking to run an eye-catching campaign that will attract many people to your brand, partnering with a photography or VFX influencer could be an excellent decision.

The leading VFX and photography influencers on Instagram and other platforms will be able to incorporate your brand and products into their content in exciting and engaging ways that will draw people to your website or socials.

With so many people now using social media, it is vital that you are able to target your brand’s audience in a way that can achieve the results you need.

Unlike the situation with traditional advertising, collaborating with photography influencers can help get your brand in front of an audience that already likes the given influencer, and that trusts them to give good advice on brands and products. This is why it is important to choose an influencer that has the same values and mission as your brand.

Contact our team at Connect Management today, and we can quickly get to work on making the most effective photographer influencer marketing campaign a reality for your brand.