Music Influencer & Talent Management Agency

Music is all about connections, which helps to explain why so many brands draw upon the power of music to help make a greater impact with their target customers. Recent years have seen a huge shift in the ways in which businesses and brands connect to their consumers, and the role of the influencer has become increasingly important.

Here at Connect Management, we have first-hand expertise and knowledge of what brands require, and the ways in which music influencers can help elevate a brand or product to the next level.

With major names on our roster, we can help connect your brand to the biggest music influencers, and give you all that you require to help your business grow.

Talent Agency For Musicians

Whether your brand is seeking out the most appropriate music influencers on TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms, the process of trying to find the perfect music talent agencies to put your brand in touch with such individuals, can be challenging.

At Connect Management, we are proud to be a music talent management agency that can play a pivotal role in bringing together music influencers and the best-suited brands for successful and lucrative partnerships.

Our represented music influencers have worked with a host of brands, ranging from Costa Coffee to Volkswagen.

With names such as Fin Draper and Sam Ryder on our books, we are confident that our marketing agency for musicians is the perfect match to help link you to your perfect influencer. In the process, your business can be put in an optimal position for online – and offline – success.

Our Music Influencers

Sam Ryder: famous as the face of the UK’s Eurovision bid in 2022, Sam shot to fame as a YouTube cover star – and his immense talent and lovable personality have helped to make him an enduring star ever since. With his 14.5 million followers on TikTok alone, to say nothing of his strong presence on other social networks, he might well be one of the most suitable music social media influencers for your brand.

Fin Draper: having collaborated with brands such as Costa, Netflix, Pepsi and Amazon, Fin has come a long way from blowing up the TikTok world, and now boasts over 10 million views across all his social media platforms.

How Using Music Influencers Can Benefit Your Business

There is no denying that influencer marketing is a key trend that is having a significant impact in the world of marketing. So, choosing the right figurehead for your brand campaigns really can be the difference between success and failure.

The right music influencers will have the rare ability to really connect with your audience, and can create that personal, unique connection. Indeed, many of the top Instagram music influencers started with a small but fiercely loyal following, and these fans remain close by to this day.

Here at Connect Management, we understand the importance of finding that perfect person, and our extensive network of artists is on hand to help us match-make you to an influencer who ticks every box.

Contact us today to discover how a linkup – or several – with the right music talent management agency, and the most talented Instagram and TikTok musicians, could be instrumental in your efforts to make your brand go further.