YouTube Influencer Marketing & Talent Agency

With YouTube continuing to be one of the world’s most frequently used search engines, and attracting some 2.7 billion active users, the statistics tell their own story about what kind of impact the right YouTube marketing agency could have for a brand like yours.

Here at Connect Management, as the largest social-first talent agency. As a major YouTube talent agency in the UK, we work alongside a formidable roster of the leading YouTube influencers in the UK, who can assist with your brand campaigns.  

We don’t merely believe in matching the right YouTube content creator to the right brand, as important though that process is. That’s because we also provide a complete YouTube influencer marketing service to such brands, to aid them in realising their highest ambitions.


YouTube Influencer Marketing

Make Connect Management your choice of YouTube influencer marketing agency, and your brand could soon be working with such leading social media talents as the below:

  • Mesha Moinirad, the online personal trainer and advocate for the chronically ill community, whose YouTube channel @MrColitisCrohns has built a subscriber base of 1.34 million. The multiple business owner has won widespread admiration and appreciation for his efforts to spread awareness and encourage body positivity, with a particular focus on people with stoma bags. He has worked with such brands as ITVx, Paramount Plus, Gymshark, Spotify, and MAC Clinical Research on the creation of highly impactful campaigns.
  • Brandon B, also known as Brandon Baum, who is no less than the UK’s biggest VFX artist, commanding over 7.9 million subscribers on YouTube alone. He and his team are finely attuned to the “science of social” and what works for maximising reach online, and such knowhow shows in the results that they consistently achieve. We have been proud to work alongside Brandon on campaigns for brands such as Pixar and Sky.

YouTube Growth Strategy

Our team at Connect Management has a stellar track record of matching the right YouTube influencers to the right brand. This is further backed up by the careful development and execution of campaigns that enable the fulfilment of clients’ objectives.

While YouTube may have been around for the best part of two decades, the platform itself has certainly not stayed still. This is evidenced by developments down the years such as the launch of YouTube Shorts – the website’s section for short-form videos – in 2020.

Whether your brand is interested in utilising short-form or longer-former content creation as a means of fuelling its growth with the help of YouTube, our experts will work directly with you – and relevant YouTube influencers in the UK – to help deliver optimal outcomes from your brand campaigns.

YouTube Influencers & Talent

From vlogs and reviews to tutorials and unboxing videos, there are so many forms that captivating and relevant YouTube content can take. And if your brand isn’t currently drawing upon the expertise and resources of a YouTube marketing agency in the UK to extract the potential of such video formats, you can be sure that competitors of yours will be.

Would you like to learn more about what successful influencer marketing with YouTube could look like for your brand? If so, a good starting point could be to peruse our wide-ranging social talent, before reaching out to us directly to talk about how we could work together.