Travel Influencer Talent Agency

Connect Management works with the biggest YouTube & Instagram travel influencers across the world. With our social-first approach, we will learn your social strategy, and your ultimate goal, to create a tailored approach that targets the travel industry.

We use this data, along with our own experience, to work with the best travel influencers. Once in place, these Gen Z travel influencers will help to build a brand campaign that will get your message to travel lovers all over the world.

Our social media travel influencers can spread your brand message far and wide, helping you reach your target audience.

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Travel Influencers & Talent Agency

As the largest social-first talent group, we know that you want your product to reach the right people on social media. To achieve this, we work with the biggest travel influencers in the world who have a huge following on social networks. Their interaction with their followers and the types of travel content they create, will make them the ideal platform for your brand.

Regardless of what product you wish to showcase, we have Instagram travel influencers and travel TikTok influencers who can bring your brand message to those who you want to see it.

Travel influencers such as Callum Ryan can be influential in your brand growth.

Our Travel Influencers

Callum Ryan is a travel and comedy content creator who is based in the UK. Callum’s content is highly positive and upbeat, which is why he has featured in campaigns for Ryanair, Google, and JD Sports.

How Using Travel Influencers Can Benefit Your Business & The Importance of Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Finding the right audience on social media is hugely important if you want to grow your brand and find customers who will be interested in buying your products.

Although you can try to grow your brand yourself, this can take time, especially if your company is new to social media.

This is where travel influencers can help you. They have a ready developed audience that is in tune with their content. These followers are already interested in travel, so they will be receptive to the right travel brand. If you take advantage of the audience that these social media travel influencers have, this can help drastically reduce the amount of time you need to find your audience.

It is important to find a travel influencer who is in tune with your brand and carries a similar message. As an example, if your brand is about tough travel wear, then you may find that adventure travel influencers are a better fit for your business. You can then target those followers who will be more inclined to buy tough travel wear, rather than other travel influencers who do not use or promote this type of clothing.

With our talent roster here at Connect Management, we can quickly and easily match you to the right travel influencer for your brand