Chloe Rose - Management & Contact Details

Chloe is one of the OG creators, who began creating videos when TikTok was, showing her drive and passion throughout the years.

Chloe went viral with a lip sync ‘bet you weren’t expecting that’ video, which hit 18.4 million views! Chloe dedicates her page to beauty, fashion, comedy styled content, and loves to post content that her followers can relate to, give them outfit inspiration and just have a laugh! Chloe has worked with brands such as Doll Beauty, BoohooMAN, IONIQ Skincare and Shein.

She has been posting a lot of food-related content, Dish Up Dinners with Me, which has gained a lot of attraction. Chloe has a lot of fun on social media and loves the fact that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously.