Holly Laing

Holly Laing - Management & Contact Details

Holly is a comedy sketch creator that is super relatable to a Gen Z audience. She focuses her content around working in retail, selling at car boot sales, mum sketches and livestream POVs. Her biggest achievement is featuring in the Cineworld Unlimited advert that plays before every film!

She has achieved 2 million followers on TikTok and is also verified, plus has nearly half a million followers on Youtube. Holly has worked with the likes of ITV Hub, Prime Video, Tango, Air Up, McVities and Head and Shoulders, to name a few.

Holly recently bought her first house and is currently filming mini moving vlogs on TikTok and is starting a moving out series on YouTube. She is keen to work with home wear brands or brands based around moving out & insurance etc and tie this into her comedy sketches.