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Cam Whitnall - Management & Contact Details

Cam’s passion for wildlife, dedication to conservation, and engaging television presence have made him a popular figure in the field. Through his TV shows, partnerships with renowned brands, and impressive social media following, he continues to inspire and educate audiences about the importance of protecting our natural world for future generations.

Cam’s hugely popular CBBC TV series, One Zoo Three, which he films with his brothers, is returning to screens in 2024, for a fourth and fifth season.

Cam has also appeared on Blue Peter, The One Show, Saturday Mash Up and Newsround, among others, and partnered with TikTok during COP26 to present live on the TikTok ForGood channel, to help spread the message of environmental sustainability.

In 2021, Cam was appointed as a #OneStepGreener ambassador by the UK government, to raise awareness about climate issues. A talented wildlife photographer and videographer, in 2022 Cam became a Nikon Creator. His dedication to conservation and nature, combined with his warm, friendly demeanour, has led to him becoming a Bear Grylls Ambassador. 

Cam has also collaborated with notable brands including WWF, YouTube, Huawei, Fiverr, Planet Earth LIVE, Disney, Sports Direct and more, to create engaging online content that promotes nature, travel, cameras, wildlife, conservation and sustainability.