Pets At Home x Rianna

At Connect, we fully believe in harnessing social to create genuine and authentic connections between brands and audiences. This is exemplified by our recent collaboration with Pets at Home.

One of our pet creators, Rianna (nala_the_needy_rottie) partnered with Pets at Home to create a heartwarming campaign about the weird and wonderful things you do for the love of pets.

With a huge TikTok following of 1.9 million and an impressive engagement rate of 12%, Rianna is a well-established creator, known for her two friendly Rottweilers who she shares the most special moments with across her page.

With Pets at Home’s aim to partner with genuine dog lovers, Rianna was perfect for this, and she created a montage style video, addressing all the special moments she has shared with her dog. This video reached an outstanding 1.4 million viewers and 29.6K likes in just 24 hours!