Mesha Moinirad - Management & Contact Details

Mesha is a multiple business owner, a rehabilitation coach and a keynote speaker, with his work focusing on spreading awareness and promoting body positivity for the chronically ill community; specifically those with bags.

Diagnosed with IBD in 2013 and after trialling numerous medications unsuccessfully, Mesha opted to have a stoma bag fitted. Having a bag had such a positive impact on his quality of life, he started blogging under the alias Mr Colitis Crohns, and now has an online community following of over 5 million across all platforms.

He has been featured in articles and documentaries on the BBC, National News, Metro London, Ladbible and Unilad. He has worked on campaigns with Paramount Plus, ITVx, Gymshark, Symprove, Spotify, MAC Clinical Research and Ben Sherman amongst others.