Video Templates

  1. First Add the videos to the empty columns
  2. For each video you add, you need to save them as a template, To do this right click on the pencil icon then select “Save as a global”
  3. You’ll then be prompted to name your template, name this something unique so it’ll be easy to find later, do this for every video you want to add to a case study
  4. Then head to the Case study page, remove the default video play by right clicking the pencil icon and selecting “delete”
  5. Then on the left hand side of the screen click the 9 group dots icon and then search for”Carousel Anything”
  6. Drag this widget into the column that had the previous video widget.
  7. Then click on the pencil icon to bring up the options for the widget. There will be three Tabs at the top.named Content, Style and Advanced, select Content tab and you’ll see slide 1 and slide 2. you can add as many slides as you want by clicking the plus icon.
  8. To add the videos go into a slide tab. and there will be a dropdown underneath the word “select content”. From there select the global video that you name earlier
  9. Do this for each slide you want to add
  10. Finally click “Update” once you have added all the videos to the slider